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Enhance Your Runs with Confidence in BMAI Jing Tan Fly Carbon Plate Road Running Shoes

Since its launch in 2014, BMAI, a Chinese shoe brand transliterated from “be myself,” has steadily gained recognition, reflecting its ethos of self-expression. Its name, meaning “go ahead!” in Chinese, adds to its appeal. Known for quality, design, and innovation at appealing prices, particularly favored by marathon runners, BMAI caters to both elite athletes and enthusiasts with comfortable, high-performance shoes. Their latest release, the BMAI Jing Tan Fly Road Running Shoes, exemplifies their commitment to innovation and top-tier athletic footwear.

Get ready to dominate your runs with unparalleled performance wearing the BMAI Jing Tan Fly Road Running Shoes. Engineered with precision and designed for excellence, these shoes cater to runners of all levels, from intermediates to seasoned athletes, maintaining pace between 3 to 6 minutes per kilometer.

What Sets BMAI Jing Tan Fly Apart?

  1. Breathable Upper: Crafted with supple JACQUARD mesh material, the BMAI Jing Tan Fly boasts four expansive ventilation zones strategically placed for optimal airflow. This design ensures your feet stay cool and dry, even during rigorous runs, maintaining comfort and focus throughout.
  2. Superior Insole: Featuring a TPEE supercritical foaming insole, these shoes provide unmatched cushioning and support, minimizing joint impact and delivering a plush, comfortable experience from start to finish.
  3. Carbon Fiber Plate: The full-length solid carbon fiber rolling plate integrated within the shoe enhances propulsion and efficiency, allowing you to effortlessly maintain pace and momentum with each stride.
  4. Responsive Midsole: Utilizing the BOOMFLY Aliphatic TPU supercritical foaming midsole, these road running shoes offer responsive cushioning and energy return, propelling you toward peak performance.
  5. Exceptional Outsole: With DSP+ (Diamond Star Particle) technology, the parametric texture-casting polyurethane PU elastomer infused with diamond grip particles ensures exceptional grip and durability on various surfaces, instilling stability and confidence throughout your run.

Where to Find Them?

The BMAI Jing Tan Fly Road Running Shoes are currently available at a promotional price of RM439, with the normal price set at RM499. You can purchase them from the following platforms:

Discover the extensive selection of BMAI running shoes below for those seeking alternatives.

  1. BMAI Purelight: Tailored for novice runners with a pace between 6′ and 9′, perfect for everyday use. RM199
  2. BMAI Pace 5.0: Designed for LSD training and workouts, ideal for paces ranging from 5’ to 7’. RM399
  3. BMAI Relax slides: Optimal for recovery and daily wear. RM119

These options come highly recommended, each meticulously crafted to accommodate various running styles and preferences.

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