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Team COROS Malaysia 100K Run-Madhan Streak Challenge

Campaign period: 18 March – 7 April 202

Embark on a 100km running journey over a 3-week period, with a daily minimum of 5km. As the Ramadhan season approaches, we aim to inspire individuals to maintain their fitness levels. Whether you prefer the road, trail, track, or treadmill, this challenge is designed to keep you active both indoors and outdoors. Plus, we’re rewarding the top 10 participants with the highest mileages,  which means you can run more than 100km!

Open exclusively to COROS Users only.

Limited to a maximum of 199 participants due to STRAVA limits, so be sure to secure your spot early.

Here’s how you can join:

  1. Sign up via the following link (mandatory).
  2. Follow COROS Malaysia and Join the Official Team COROS Malaysia club on STRAVA (mandatory).
  3. Those selected will be invited to join the challenge according to your STRAVA Username (please be alert to notifications).
  4. Ensure your device records are synced with STRAVA or use the STRAVA app independently.
  5. Prepare for the challenge!


Top 100 Finishers:

Receive discount vouchers for COROS, ECOFLOW & Pangu’s Products.

Top 10 Finishers:

1st – 3rd: BMAI Running Shoes (1st – Jing Tan Fly RM499

2nd – Hunting 2.0, RM399, 3rd – Purelight RM199)

4th – 6th: Pangu Bone Conduction Headphones – RM199

7th – 10th: COROS Patch Hat – RM119
Bonus Prize: BMAI Running Tee

We’ll also have a weekly bonus prize! Share your activities on Strava & Instagram with the activity title “Run with Team COROS Malaysia + [your text]”, tag @corosmalaysia @teamcorosmalaysia, and use #teamcorosmalaysiachallenge for a chance to win BMAI Running Tee.


  1. Qualifying activities: walk, road, track, trail, or treadmill.
  2. Challenge cut-off time is at 12 a.m, 7th April 2024.
  3. All activities logged during the challenge period must be uploaded to STRAVA no later than one day after the challenge ends.
  4. Participants must run at least 5 km daily and complete 100 km over a three-week period to be eligible.
  5. Only Malaysian residents are eligible to join this challenge.
  6. Winners will be announced on Team COROS Malaysia’s Official Instagram within a week after the challenge ends.
  7. If cheating is detected, the participant will be disqualified from the event.
  8. COROS Malaysia reserves the right to make changes to the challenge.

Check out for sports gear from COROS, BMAI, ECOFLOW, and our in-house brand.

7 thoughts on “Team COROS Malaysia 100K Run-Madhan Streak Challenge

  1. Hasliza bt ahmad says:

    Semoga rezeki birthday bulan march saya terpilih…Amin

  2. Mohd aiman danial bin rosman says:

    Semoga ada rezeki run-madhan kali ini 👍🏻

  3. Danial says:

    semoga ada rezeki saya di bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini 🫡🔥

  4. Burhanuddin Helmi says:

    March baby hadir, semoga terpilih

  5. Nurul says:

    Tak nampak pun iklan.. tengok² sudah closed registration.. 🥺

  6. Amin Bin Alias says:

    Takde rezeki nak join klik link nak register je dah tak boleh mungkin dah full slot peserta 😔😭

  7. Amin Alias says:

    Takde rezeki nak join klik link nak register je dah tak boleh mungkin dah full slot peserta 😔😭

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