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The New BMAI Jing Tan Fly – Carbon Plate Shoes For Every Runner

Designed to Make Every Run Exceptional


  • Upper: The shoes feature a flexible jacquard mesh upper that surrounds four large ventilation zones, providing excellent breathability and comfort even during intense runs.
  • Insole: Equipped with a TPEE supercritical foaming insole, these shoes offer superior cushioning and support, ensuring a comfortable running experience.
  • Carbon Fiber Plate: The full-length solid carbon fiber rolling plate enhances propulsion and efficiency, helping you maintain your speed and momentum throughout your run.
  • Midsole: The BOOMFLY Aliphatic TPU supercritical foaming midsole provides responsive cushioning and energy return, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your best performance.
  • Outsole: The outsole features DSP+ (Diamond Star Particle) technology, which includes diamond grip particles in a parametric texture casting polyurethane PU elastomer, offering exceptional grip and durability on various surfaces.

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Explore the full range of BMAI running shoes below and find the perfect pair for your next run:

  • BMAI Purelight: Ideal for beginner runners with a pace ranging from 6′ to 9′ and suitable for daily wear.
  • BMAI Jing Tan 2.0: Designed for intermediate to advanced runners with a pace of 3′ to 6′, perfect for speed training and racing.

About BMAI

BMAI, a transliteration of “be myself,” was founded in October 2014. It is an internet sports brand that focuses on the independent research and development of sports products, aiming to create high-quality products. The slogan “Every step is a breakthrough” embodies BMAI’s philosophy of encouraging every sports enthusiast to take a step forward and bravely be themselves.

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